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Fashion Design Studio
Design Services
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We are a team of seasoned creative designers with a high level of expertise within the fashion industry. 

Our mission is to assist designers and startup brands to improve production and increase efficiency.

Simplifying apparel production with purpose & integrity.


Our Services

Tech Packs

​Technical drawings, specifications, and detailed information required for manufacturing

Design Services

Guidance to refine your concepts and create a  strong collection that will yield a strong ROI

Proto Samples

Prototype your Designs for Production

Tech Packs

What are tech packs?


Tech packs are used to provide manufacturers a blueprint of how you want a product to be made. They act as a guide, followed throughout the sampling and mass production stages.

Tech packs are specifications which are necessary for a supplier to manufacture samples, prior to the bulk production stage.
Tech packs do not include physical samples, or prototypes, but are, instead,  an in-depth form of communication for your supplier. This model ensures minimization of risk and misinterpretation throughout the stages of the design, from the initial samples to mass production.

 Their actual content varies from project to project, but generally consists of:
   •    Flat sketches
   •    CADs (computer aided designs)
   •    Color-ways
   •    Mood boards/ inspirations/ extractions from other product to show execution
   •    Fabric placement and overall garment construction
   •    Materials list or bill of materials (BOM)
   •    Measurements


New York, NY, 10011 USA


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